Social media marketing (SMM) is by far the most effective and economical method to reach your target audience and drive traffic to the website. Next to mobile optimization, it is a primary factor in the search engine algorithms: the more social activity, the higher the ranking, which in turn helps drive traffic.

SMM provides a wealth of information on consumers, their interests, and their buying habits. Also, the plethora of SMM analytics can be a marketer’s dream come true. When your site is optimized with enhanced content, keywords, and tags, analytics will show your traffic patterns, number of bounces, the click through rate, where users visited on our site, how long they spent there, and if they converted to a customer. This is just one segment of what analytics can tell us about your audience.

While SMM can be a bonanza for your marketing and sales efforts, it must be carefully planned and executed. Appropriate content must be created and posted consistently. An investment in analytical software is critical, as Google analytics alone provides barely 10% of the useful information available with the proper tools. Your best bet for an efficient and economical SMM campaign is to consult with an expert agency that has a proven and verifiable success rate. For more information, please contact me at, or visit